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The world's most dangerous & longest race

Speed records

  • 1907 Rem Fowler
  • 1950 Geoff Duke
  • 1957 Bob McIntyre
  • 1980 Joey Dunlop
  • 1989 Joey Dunlop
  • 2004 John McGuinness
  • 2016 Michael Dunlop
More than 100 years on and thrill seekers still venture to the Isle of Man every summer for the same reason the gentlemen of 1907 did, the Tourist Trophy more commonly known as the Isle of Man TT.

It was the spirit of competition and advancement that brought the original TT competition to the Island as racing on the highways and byways of Britain was impossible, forbidden by Act of Parliament and by the introduction in 1903 of a 20mph speed limit. The Secretary of the Automobile Club of Great Britain and Ireland, Sir Julian Orde, set off in February 1904 for the Isle of Man because he had a fairly shrewd idea that the Manx authorities would adopt a more conciliatory attitude automobile racing on public roads.

The eighties were dominated by one man - Joey Dunlop. At the tender age of 48 Joey Dunlop recorded his 26th and final TT win at the start of the new millennium. 2004 and 2006 were both marked by the a hat trick of wins for a John McGuinness.

The Centenary year saw huge numbers visit the island from all over the world and they were treated to a new TT lap record of 130.354 by John McGuinness who won the Superbike and Senior races to leave him with 13 titles. McGuinness moved ahead of Hailwood’s record when he recorded his 15th TT win in the 2009 Superbike.

With a Centenary of racing on the Mountain Course, it will not be long before we are celebrating a double century of the world’s most exciting road race.

The Isle of Man perfectly reproduced

1:1 reproduction of 37,9 miles of roads & 264 turns Longer & more difficult than all other GP tracks put together

Ingame 360° view

TT Grandstand / 0.0 miles
John McGuinness

“This game is quite fantastic. Lines are perfect, I can really use mine. It gives you an incredible feeling of speed, thanks also to the sound of the wind. And it will be 100% helpful for Isle of Man newcomers.”

John McGuinness - 73 races, 23 TT wins

The official riders & their super-powered bikes

Discover the true sensations of riding on TT Isle of Man with the 23 riders included, rocketing along village & mountain roads at 199 mph!


Team up with a friend and master the mountain aboard your sidecar!

Sidecars have been part of the TT since 1923, and while it shares the same track and mindset with other categories, the side car competition remains one of the most unique parts of the TT, thanks to its particular physics and the obvious fact that you need two people to get the job done
To recreate those particularities in the game in TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge you can ride sidecars in three different ways:
In solo mode, you can either control the rider with one stick and the passenger with another, or you can let the AI control the passenger.
For a more realistic experience, you can ask a friend to join you in local co-op mode and have both of you complete the race together! Decide who will be the rider and who will be the passenger, but remember – coordination is the key to success!
The “Sidecar Thrill” Pack will be available for free for owners of the TT Isle of Man game until 22/06/2018! Afterwards it will be available as a paid-for DLC pack.


Become a TT Legend in the Career Mode


Clash against 7 other challengers online

Become a TT Legend

Available now
on PlayStation®4, Xbox One & PC

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